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Market Volatility - Why We Owe You a Heartfelt "Thank You"

Some of you may have noticed that since the beginning of October market volatility has picked up. If you watch any financial news or read publications, you are reminded about it almost daily. It may even be giving a few of you some indigestion, so what I would like to do is make a case as to why volatility, in the long run, is actually your friend and not your enemy.

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy Baby - The Legacy of Lehman

September 15th marked an ominous anniversary. Ten years prior, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, sparking a financial crisis that engulfed the global economy. Lehman’s failure could easily be described as a “systemic event.” That’s financial jargon for an event that triggers severe financial instability and sends shockwaves through the economy. Economically, we've recovered from the downturn but the crisis left an indelible mark on investors. For some, the scars remain.

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5 Principles That Will Sharpen Your Skills as an Investor

This month, my goal is to share with you some of the basic building blocks that will put you on the path to becoming a lifelong student of investing. Even the best of the best never stop learning. In fact, being a lifelong student might just be the first principle of becoming a great investor. So, let’s get started.

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